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1. Can we go for chemotherapy and radio therapy along with your treatment?

Ans: Yes.

2. For how many months we have to take your treatment?

Ans: Six months or more.

3. Is it necessary to get the patient at your clinic?

Ans: No, only reports do the needful.

4. Can we contact you even for the last stage cancer patients?

Ans: Yes, we have a successful track record in this situation also.

5. How much is your consultancy fee?

Ans: No, consultancy fee.

6. We can’t come to your place still can we benefit from your treatment?

Ans: Yes, you simply have to send the reports and we will deliver medicines to your place.

7. Can you send your treatment cross borders?

Ans: Yes, we do have patients globally.

8. Are there any side effects?

Ans: No, there is no known side effect; rather it reduces the after effects of chemotherapy and radio therapy.

9. Do you have any other branch?

Ans: Yes, in Baroda (Gujarat) between 17th to 19th of every month.